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You need a website that isn’t turning customers away, a website that isn’t costing you more than you’re earning. I can help you increase sales, and retain customers.

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Website Optimization

The first few seconds spent loading your website are crucial. If it seems like your website is taking too long to load, a user might just go somewhere else which will automatically equate in a lost sale.

I will go through your website to find areas that can be improved to increase customer retention, and increase customer acquisition.

Security Updates

Almost every week, we hear about a large company, or government office getting compromised by ransomware like WannaCry, or they were hacked. I will help you make sure your websites stay up to date with the latest security updates.

Custom Solutions

Whatever your website needs are, I will come up with a solution to satisfy your needs. Do you want a custom API to ingest weather data? Do you want a plugin created to keep track of appointments and enable appointments? Do you want/need to setup your own online store and start accepting payments? I will create solutions to solve your needs.

Responsive Design Development

Do you have an old website, and it’s not responsive? Maybe you have a website you just want updated, or you want a new website altogether. I can help with that!

Analytical Data

I can help you track the way your visitors use your website. If you want to view the way a user enters your website, whether it’s from a search engine or another website directly, I can help you view the way people are interacting with your website, and help you increase your sales by showing you what your users are doing.


I have been working with Carl for a period of one year, he was always on time with his tasks and he always found ways to get things done.

Sometimes, we would use a theme for a project and the theme would not allow for certain functions, Carl is great at recommending plugins or ways to achieve the results we intended from the start

When we heard that Carl will no longer be working with us, we were really saddened by the news, we are sure that whoever hires Carl next will be very happy with the work he produces!

Thanks Carl for all the great work this past year!

Adwin Lui

Director, Stigan Media

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