Phoenix Summer Showdown

The website is no longer running, I made forms for Karate tournaments that allowed users to register for one or multiple events. When people clicked on event checkboxes, the total it would cost you was automatically calculated. Once you filled in your info, selected...

Tri-city hospital

I made a few plugins for the Tri city hospital in California. They had hundreds or thousands of documents un-organized. I made a PHP script to scan all the documents in separate locations, then I had WordPress create pages for each document. It would assign categories...

Work for LGI Homes

I made a plugin for this company. The plugin allows you to create job listings, and accept job applicants. In the admin panel, you could view all the jobs, or create job categories, or create/delete jobs. When you create a category and/or or a job, it creates a menu...

Stanford Terrace Inn

I was in charge of content creation for different hotel rooms, for example, I helped modify some of the content in this area. http://stanfordterraceinn.com/visit-stanford.html. If you click on the items in the menu such as Family Fun, you can see an example of what I...

Queenspark Florist

I took all products from their old E-commerce website and uploaded them manually to the Woocommerce system. I modified one of the WooThemes to look the way the client wanted it, and I also did some work on mobile responsiveness. Website Link

123 Dentist

I worked on all ~63 dentist clinic websites on this network of dentist websites. I made WordPress plugins that helped client websites communicate with a central database to keep the synced. Website Link

CanAm Home Investing

I modified the header to addd phone numbers to the right side of the header. I also created a child theme to allow the theme to be updated without losing new changes. Website Link

Bob’s A to Z

I was responsible for performing theme updates and tweaking some theme elements. Website Link

WordPress Fatal Error

Sometimes, you think updating your plugins will be a simple click and forget process. Most of the times, this is the case, other times, problems arise. If you click on the update plugin button, and you get a “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class” message,...