Whether you’re starting a brand new website, a brand new company, anything brand new online, people need to learn more about you. If you are a service provider, your potential clients need to know how you’re qualified to provide the required services, and how you stand out from the rest of the internet crowd. One easy way to stand out from the crowd is to offer lots of new content!

Content Strategy
What is a content strategy? A content strategy is a process in which you plan out what content you will create for your audience, and it will usually involve planning content that will help persuade the opinion of your audience that you are the right person (or agency) for the job.

A content strategy can involve creating a series of blog posts on certain topics, and then queuing them up to be published on certain dates. You can either create posts daily, or weekly, monthly, yearly, it’s up to you! The best way to have the most effective strategy is to be consistent.

The more mediums you use to deliver your content, the more people will learn about you because they will be able to consume your content in different ways. Platforms like YouTube and mediums like podcasts are two of the most popular ways to consume new content. When you use a platform like YouTube (or maybe your own self-hosted video), you can create more interactive content by showing what you’re talking about while you’re talking about it. Creating a new podcast weekly or monthly (or however frequently you decide) allows your audience to listen to your content on the way to work in transit, or while they’re working in the garden, and they don’t have to be glued to the screen to finish consuming your content.

Abandoning Content, Abandoning Money
What do I mean when I say that abandoning your content means you’re abandoning money? There are so many websites with outdated content. The definition of outdated content can vary depending on the industry you’re creating your website for. For example, web development content could be outdated within months or weeks. You should schedule various times throughout the year to check your old posts and update them if necessary.

When you’re posting new relevant content, if you have high quality content, you are more likely to get more and higher quality traffic to your website because Google ranks websites according to the quality of your content, and if your website is being updated, Google knows it is not abandoned. Why would having new content matter to Google? Because of how often new content is being published on an hourly basis. When Google wants to present relevant data to its users, it uses a lot of variables in its algorithm to make sure the content is relevant and fresh.

If you are an agency and you are providing some tips to potential clients, this will be a way for your potential client to get a feel for the identity of your agency. If you can prove and/or show you know what you’re talking about through frequent blog posts, podcasts or videos, a client might not need to work as hard to see if you would work well together.

When you’re writing new content, you can also point people to sign up for a newsletter and provide even more (free) value to your clients, or audience, and you will gain more trust and relevance in their brain because you will be at the front of the clients brain more frequently when you can provide content that helps them. If you’re helping your client(s) for free, and they can see the value you provide, there is a higher chance they will refer you to people they know even if that person doesn’t need your services themselves.

Make sure not to leave an empty, abandoned website collecting dust. If you haven’t been updating your website, why not start writing a content marketing strategy today to plan for new content? You can email me here if you want to have a free consultation on updating your website content, or for a free consultation for a new website.