I have been the GM/President of many websites over the course of my web development career. 
To many people, comparing being an NHL GM to running a website might seem like a reach. Being a sports fan, specifically a hockey fan and only being a fan of the Vancouver Canucks, it has been a rough few years lately with the Canucks not reaching the playoffs for almost 5 years in a row. Here’s my case for comparing running an NHL team to running a website.

Like any sports franchise (or business), you need to structure your website (franchise) to succeed. Who is the person in charge of your website? The person in charge of your website is like the NHL GM/President of Hockey Operations. The Owner is the client, the person who benefits from having a successful website. The owner is responsible for giving the GM/President the resources (money) he or she needs to successfully execute a plan and bring in the people needed to execute that plan.

When the owner (client) “interviews” the GM, the GM can give the owner an action plan. In the NHL, the GM is giving the owner an action plan about how he/she can bring the NHL franchise to the playoffs. When a GM is giving an action plan on working with an owner on bringing success to their website, the GM needs to know what the desired outcomes for the owner are. For example, for an e-commerce website, the desired outcome would be to have a high converting website. If the website already gets a lot of traffic, the goals of a website could be to convert more traffic, and if there’s no or little traffic, the goals would be to get more traffic and convert to get more paying customers.

The owner of a franchise pays for the infrastructure of the team. For example, the owner would pay for an arena with a training facility, which allows for the team to train and each player can improve in their physique and skills. The owner of a website pays for their server/hosting, which is the infrastructure that allows for the website to run. The website owner and GM should collaborate together and plan how much can be spent to run an efficient website.

When I connect with a client, I want to learn about what problems he/she is having, what the pain points of his or her current website is, and what problems need to be solved. If I work with you, I will help you achieve your goals.

I am an individual working on your website solutions. If you have a problem outside of my expertise, I will point you in the direction of someone I’m confident can help you, or I can bring in other people to help meet top quality expectations. Do you have a website project in the near future, or one you want help with now? Contact me at [email protected] and we can discuss your website projects!